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Research reports

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Important Notice:

Beware of Impersonation Scams!

It has come to our attention that individuals are falsely representing themselves as Altvest Capital, soliciting funds under our name. Please be aware of the following signs to protect yourself from scams:

  1. Direct Money Requests: Altvest Capital would never ask for direct deposits of funds outside of our secure platform or official channels.
  2. Lack of Documentation: We always provide comprehensive legal documentation for any investment or transaction. Be cautious of any requests without proper paperwork.
  3. Urgency Pressure: Any sense of urgency to act quickly or make immediate decisions should be viewed with suspicion. Altvest Capital prioritizes thorough research and informed decision-making.
  4. Unusual Requests: Be wary of any unusual requests or deviations from standard investment practices. If something seems out of the ordinary, it’s best to verify with our official channels.

Altvest Capital is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and security. We take this threat to our reputation seriously and are working with law enforcement. If you encounter any suspicious activity or have concerns, please contact us immediately through our verified email: