At Altvest we are disrupting the SME funding market and providing businesses with unique options to access capital for expansion of their operations. Should your business meet Altvest’s criteria, our platform will connect you with providers of capital by listing preferred ordinary shares giving investors ownership exposure to the economics of your businesses. This unique model provides our investee companies with exposure to wide investor universe and access to a liquid secondary marketplace.

What we look for


Founder led

Disruptive and non-traditional operating models

Proven track record of growth

Strong cash flow generation capabilities

Ability to clearly outline and execute strategic vision

Bias to women owned and run

Examples of companies that have successfully raised millions with us

Umganu Lodge is a luxury 5-bedroom establishment located in the Elephant Point development, offering prime game viewing experiences. Owned by sportsman Kevin Pietersen and Altvest Capital, it’s managed by Legacy Hotels, a prominent Southern African developer/operator with over 300 lodges, including iconic developments like the Michaelangelo and Raphael towers.

Bambanani is a unique family-centric restaurant in Melville, Johannesburg, blending premium dining with childcare facilities for children aged 1-12. With over 15 years in operation, it targets the middle-upper income demographic, offering a sophisticated dining experience for adults while ensuring children’s entertainment. Founded by Caryn Cohen, it boasts a strong local brand presence.

Altvest Credit Opportunities Fund (ACOF) offers tailored financing solutions for South African SMEs, emphasizing flexible repayment and robust risk assessment. ACOF boasts a predominantly female professional team with expertise in Private Credit, SME financing, technology, and marketing, aiming to empower women entrepreneurs via discounted rates


How the process works

Step 1

Select “Apply for Funding" below.

Step 2

Complete the provided questionnaire. While not mandatory at this point, you can also attach any relevant supporting documents.

Step 3

If there's potential alignment to our criteria, we'll request additional details, including a pitch deck in our standardised format.

Step 4

Should your business provide a viable investment opportunity for our community, our team will schedule a comprehensive discussion to delve deeper into your business concept.

Step 5

Upon successful preliminary assessment, the due diligence phase will commence.

Step 6

After due diligence, your business proposition will be presented to our predominantly independent Investment Committee for a formal investment review.

Step 7

With the Investment Committee's approval, we'll engage in detailed term negotiations.

Step 8

We'll draft necessary documentation enabling the listing of your SME

Step 9

Our media team will initiate a targeted marketing campaign to build anticipation.

Step 10

Following stock exchange approval, investment instruments linked to your business will be listed on the stock exchange.


The above process is estimated to take 6 weeks at minimum. Our team will reach out to you at any stage should your application be rejected.

Provide your business revenue for the last 3 years in Rands. Insert N/A for all years the business was not in operation

Submit any documents that may support your answers to the above questions.
(*Supported formats: Word, PDF, & PPT)

Important Notice:

Beware of Impersonation Scams!

It has come to our attention that individuals are falsely representing themselves as Altvest Capital, soliciting funds under our name. Please be aware of the following signs to protect yourself from scams:

  1. Direct Money Requests: Altvest Capital would never ask for direct deposits of funds outside of our secure platform or official channels.
  2. Lack of Documentation: We always provide comprehensive legal documentation for any investment or transaction. Be cautious of any requests without proper paperwork.
  3. Urgency Pressure: Any sense of urgency to act quickly or make immediate decisions should be viewed with suspicion. Altvest Capital prioritizes thorough research and informed decision-making.
  4. Unusual Requests: Be wary of any unusual requests or deviations from standard investment practices. If something seems out of the ordinary, it’s best to verify with our official channels.

Altvest Capital is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and security. We take this threat to our reputation seriously and are working with law enforcement. If you encounter any suspicious activity or have concerns, please contact us immediately through our verified email:

we will be in touch shortly